Services That Help You Increase Productivity & Reduce Costs

Instant outsourcing can provide a wide range of staffing services from filling individual positions to setting up entire departments that can operate remotely.

Managers are always looking for ways to increase productivity. A lot of it boils down to how motivated the person is who is performing the actual task at hand. We have found that most Philippine workers, for example, have an excellent work ethic. The economy in the Philippines is drastically different than in the U.S. The majority of Filipinos make around $5/day! Obviously goods and services are lower as well. Most workers are ecstatic to make in one hour what many of their friends make working a 10 hour day! Offshore workers are typically motivated to do the best job they can in order to please their new boss. :-)

The cost of salaries, overtime, benefits, taxes and other employee related expenses can be a significant financial drain for any company. Outsourcing can be a cost-effective solution for addressing many of your core business processes. Below are answers to some common questions about offshore outsourcing.

We Personalize!

Many outsourcing companies or sites that offer "freelance" workers attempt to automate the entire process of personnel procurement through their website, leaving all the hard work up to you. While we recognize the value of automating certain processes, Instant Outsourcing takes a more personalized approach. We offer assistance every step of the way. We are also aware of budgetary constraints and will try to help you reach your HR goals in ways that will leave you smiling. :-)

General Questions

Q. Won't I lose control if I don't have the ability to directly oversee work?
A. No. We provide tools such as InstantTimeTracking that allow you to observe all work being performed in real time.

Q. How can I manage people working in another time zone?
A. Any candidates provided by Instant Outsourcing have agreed to work the same hours as anyone else in your organization.

Q. Will the worker be an employee?
A. No. All workers we provide will be working as a Dedicated Independent Contractor. That means they will be dedicated only to your organization and have "contractor" status. Although you will train and utilize them they will be paid directly by Instant Outsourcing.

Tax & Health Care Questions

Q. Will I need to pay payroll and Social Security taxes?
A. No. Since they are citizens of another country they are not technically employees and not subject to U.S. taxes. This is one of the reasons outsourcing has become so popular with savvy business managers. These workers are independent contractors and therefore work on a contractual basis. They use their own equipment and maintain their own work environment.

Q. Will these workers be subject to the Affordable Care Act?
A. No. As offshore contract workers they are not counted as employees under U.S. law. That means even if you have over 50 offshore workers they would not fall under the jurisdiction of the new health care law.

Performance Questions

Q. Do the workers speak good English?
A. Yes. Furthermore we will arrange a live interview so you can decide for yourself if their English proficiency meets your standards. The English of many Customer Service Reps. is hard to distinquish from a native born American.

Q. What kind of equipment do these workers have?
A. We require that all contractors have an up-to-date computer, a good Internet connection (minimum 2 Gb), a backup system (such as 4G) in case their main Internet goes down and a quiet work environment.

Q. Can I fire a worker who isn't performing up to expectations?
A. Yes. You may release any contractor that is not meeting the job requirements. We can replace that worker based on our service agreement.

Staff You Can Work With

We understand that the people you hire are important and need to be a part of your corporate community. We will always try to ensure that all candidates we recommend are pleasant, friendly and above all, professional.

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