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Have you been hesitant about hiring remote workers because of fears you might lose control? The ability to supervise personnel to ensure you get the performance and productivity you are payiing for is an important issue for any manager. Enter - InstantTimeTracking - An online application that will allow you to view what your offshore professional is doing at any point in time. Time is tracked through an application installed on the worker's computer which allows activity to be viewed over the internet. A screenshot is taken every 10 minutes to ensure that the project you assigned is actually being worked on. This provides the same level of accountability as if the worker was across the room from you! Instant Outsourcing requires that all candidates authorize the use of InstantTimeTracking as a condition of work.

Instant Time Tracking

Below is a screenshot of the InstantTimeTracking Admin Console. This will allow you to View screenshots of your worker's computer as well as track their time and activity. Billable hours can be calculated along with many other useful features. Request your Demo today!

We Personalize!

Many outsourcing companies or sites that offer "freelance" workers attempt to automate the entire process of personnel procurement through their website, leaving all the hard work up to you. While we recognize the value of automating certain processes, Instant Outsourcing takes a more personalized approach. We offer assistance every step of the way. We are also aware of budgetary constraints and will try to help you reach your HR goals in ways that will leave you smiling. :-)