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Global Research & Development, Inc.
1712 Pioneer Ave. Suite 352
Cheyenne, WY 82001
SALES: 888-815-4915
SUPPORT: 307-459-5050

We Personalize!

Many outsourcing companies or sites that offer "freelance" workers attempt to automate the entire process of personnel procurement through their website, leaving all the hard work up to you. While we recognize the value of automating certain processes, Instant Outsourcing takes a more personalized approach. We offer assistance every step of the way. We are also aware of budgetary constraints and will try to help you reach your HR goals in ways that will leave you smiling. :-)

Staff You Can Work With

We understand that the people you hire are important and need to be a part of your corporate community. We will always try to ensure that all candidates we recommend are pleasant, friendly and above all, professional.