Instant Outsourcing - Happiness is finding the right personnel

We can connect you with
qualified candidates that
can actually do the job well!
Our Instant Outsourcing Network
site will allow you to browse
and select job candidates for
an interview.
Offshore workers can provide the same services at significantly lower rates, as many banks and Fortune 500 companies have found out.

Instant Time Tracking

One challenge that many managers have with managing remote workers is ensuring their productivity. In short, making sure they are at their desks and actually working! InstantTimeTracking is an application that lets you see what your workers are doing by showing you periodic screenshots of their computers and much more.


Offshore Staffing Services

Whether you want to hire an IT Professional to manage your website or utlize a fully staffed call center to provide customer service, we can help. Offshore personnel can provide many of the same services as in-office staff at a fraction of the cost. For example, according to, the average salary of a webmaster in Wyoming is about $60,000.00 per year. A worker with the same skills hired as an offshore contractor can cost as low as 1/10th that much. A savings of 90%!

Instant Outsourcing

Instant Outsourcing Network, or ION, is a portal that can be used to locate specific offshore personnel. You will be able to review, compare and interview the candidates of your choice. The site has been called the Amazon™ of outsourcing since you can find almost any type of staff you are looking for and fill immediate needs. Excellent client support is always our number one priority.